Las Vegas, 14 de noviembre de 2006

Gary Smith

I think being cynical about Las Vegas while you’re having fun there is a good thing. If you can’t be cynical about Las Vegas, what can you be cynical about? Of course we all eventually get there — and WOW — it sure is something, isn’t it?
A freaking Disneyland for adults chasing smarmy virtual fantasy and meaningless lifelike fun.
Whenever I find myself in Las Vegas I do what most folks do. I peal off a hundred dollar bill to blow at the tables, a hundred dollar bill to blow at the bars, a hundred dollar bill to blow on bad entertainment — – — and then I squander the rest on food and water.
The last time I was in Las Vegas I stalked the corner of Fourth and Fremont for more than an hour waiting for just the right Las Vegan to wander into my downtown Lady Luck free fire zone — hoping to illustrate my ongoing “Streets of Las Vegas” thought process. That is — trying to capture in a patient single image one of the notions about Las Vegas I typically carry around with me as I gamble and drink and scratch my head about what the world is coming to. About how enticingly phony and embarrassingly fake this over-hyped dream is and about how (by mission) it’s rigged by false hope to take my money and run …
And then suddenly out of nowhere, the street sweep appeared — – — a Real blue collar symbol of the global street that I enjoy featuring in my concepts wherever I work in this world. Like when I\’m shooting under the Real Eiffel Tower in Paris; or while I\’m in the Real New York City; or while I\’m astride the Real canals in the heart of the Real Venice.
I think being cynical about Las Vegas is a good thing …


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Una respuesta to “Las Vegas, 14 de noviembre de 2006”

  1. SergioR Says:

    Estamos tan mediatizados con la imagen respecto de la ciudad de Las Vegas que no podríamos haber imaginado que en algún momento la calle estuviese vacía, sin luces, sin cochazos, sin imponentes minifaldas de cocktel… Interesante.


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